Press Release August 9, 2023

Home Construction Cooperative

Building New Solutions to Community Housing and Workforce Challenges

Cooperation is the key for the Home Construction Cooperative, a program of Green County Development Corporation (GCDC), that addresses housing and workforce issues in our community.

Limited housing options and the lack of skilled trades workers in the area led to the creation of this program. Both SSM Health and Monroe High School became fast partners with GCDC in the program, the goal of which is to teach skills needed in our county and in turn provide a renovated home in a tight market.

Safe, affordable housing is imperative to the health of an individual and for a thriving community, making SSM Health a key player in this project. SSM Health has historically owned homes within Green County to assist new hires and providers with housing until long-term housing is found. As a community partner and supporter of these efforts, SSM Health will be donating one of the homes to the Home Construction Cooperative Program.

“SSM Health is excited to donate this home for the Home Construction Cooperative Project in Monroe,” said Jane Curran-Meuli, President of SSM Health Monroe Hospital and SSM Health Monroe Clinic Medical Group. “This project’s creative approach will address local housing challenges and ultimately help this area to attract and retain prospective employees for local businesses.”

Monroe High School in turn created a new Launch Skilled Building Trades strand with education planning assistance from Blackhawk Technical College.  Over the 2023-2024 school year, students will learn essential safety, building and math skills for use in renovating the home.  A skilled project manager will work with these students to ensure safety and quality work throughout the project.

“We thank GCDC and SSM Health for their visionary leadership. The Home Construction Cooperative will empower our LAUNCH Skilled Building Trades students to develop a wide range of essential skills while making a significant impact on a larger scale. This collaboration provides a unique opportunity for our students to learn, grow, and contribute to something greater than themselves,” said MHS Principal Jeriamy Jackson.

By the end of the 2023-2024 school year, the renovated home will be sold by GCDC who will use the proceeds from the sale to reinvest and continue the program the following school year. The intent is to continue the annual cycle and to grow the program throughout the county.

“This is a true community effort,” stated GCDC Executive Director Olivia Otte. “Beyond the incredible donation of a home by SSM Health, many local partners have come forth offering funds to support the Home Construction Cooperative. Others have offered skills, materials, and support in ways we didn’t even consider. We are thrilled to make this program a reality, and to invest in the future of the trades by developing the next generation of industry professionals while also tackling the housing shortage in our county.”

GCDC continues to actively seek support to grow this program and secure future projects. Cash donations are welcome, as are other contributions to support the goals of the program.  Please contact GCDC at 608-328-9452 or email


Green County Development Corporation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization investing in the economic future of Green County.