Funding Available for Green County Businesses

Green County businesses looking to expand can benefit from low interest loans through Green County Development Corporation’s (GCDC) Revolving Loan Fund.

High growth startup or emerging growth companies in manufacturing, agriculture, food processing, medical devices, biosciences, or energy industries are eligible to apply for up to $100,000.

Activities can include acquisitions of buildings, land, or fixed assets; site prep, construction or reconstruction and fixed equipment installation; demolition, clearance or removal of structures or building rehab; and/or working capital for inventory and direct labor costs.

GCDC administers this loan with funds raised through donations from local banks and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). This program started in 2019 and is sustained with interest paid from current loan recipients – a revolving loan fund.

An application is completed and reviewed by the committee who then performs an interview with the company to talk through the plan and answer any questions.

GCDC is a 501c3 corporation committed to building public and private partnerships that promote and encourage economic growth while maintaining the quality of life that makes Green County a great place to live and work.

More information about the Revolving Loan Fund can be found on GCDC’s website at https://greencountydevelopment.com/doing-business/#incentives or by calling Olivia Otte, Executive Director 608.328.9452 or emailing her at Olivia@greencountydevelopment.com.